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KiddiCare Stride N Ride
Lascal Buggy Board
Lascal Buggy Board
Lascal Mini Buggy Board
buggy board lascal buggy board
KiddiCare’s take on the buggy board,an affordable alternative. The original Lascal Buggy Board,in stylish black. The original Lascal Buggy Board, in cool blue. A mini version of the classic Lascalbuggy board.
£27.95 – More Info £49.95 – More Info £49.95 – More Info £45.00 – More Info
John Lewis BugABoo
Oyster Style Board Kid Sit (Gray)

A John Lewis buggy board, made to last. A modern version of the board. Need an extra seat in your buggy? This is the solution, the buggy board with a seat!
£59.95 – More Info £36.00 – More Info £81.95 – More Info

About Buggy Boards

Buggy boards are an add-on to the buggy that allows a child or toddler to ride with the buggy on a step, known as a buggy board.

The reason for buggy board is simple, how many times have you been shopping and your child or toddler is walking slowly and your in a hurry? You have many bags and have not got a hand free to walk with them? The simple solution is a buggy board,
attach it to the buggy; this can easily be done following the instructions with the board normally one or two clips, then your child can easily ride with the buggy.

One of the biggest manufactures of buggy boards is lascal, the lascal buggy board is the original buggy board however you do pay more for the lascal buggy board name.
A recent development in the buggy board industry is the buggy boot. Its fame came from the TV show Dragons Den when the inventor went on the show asking for investment in her idea. Needless to say the dragons snapped up the idea and invested in it. The buggy boot creates a boot on the back of your buggy, allowing you to carry even more shopping without toppling over your buggy.  The buggy boot is exclusively available online here.

What are the types of buggy boards?
There are many different types of buggy board; it all depends on what purpose you want your buggy boar to do? Buggy boards can be a basic step for the child to stand on ranging to a secondary buggy that is pulled along by the primary buggy. Also you can buy great baby travel systems.

What colours can I get a buggy board in?
It depends on the brand of buggy board you buy, most people choose a colour that matches their buggy – however lascal buggy boards are always bright vibrant colours so if you choose a lascal buggy board you might not be able to match your buggy. Looking for Free Discount Codes try here!

What other baby items would you suggest?
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